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A caso

I pregi di un difetto

  • A caso

Trovato girovagando in rete, resto colpito dall’attualità di questo passo, tratto da: “I pregi di un difetto”

Westworld prima di Westworld

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  Il solito scienziato pazzo vuole conquistare il mondo tramite un esercito di robot che animano un parco divertimenti fantascientifico denominato Westworld, ambientato nel vecchio west americano in cui i visitatori interagiscono con androidi dalle sembianze… Leggi tutto »Westworld prima di Westworld


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Domenica del Corriere, 30 Settembre 1962 Dischi volanti su Milano. A due riprese, quest’inverno, misteriosi apparecchi a forma di disco sono stati avvistati sopra la… Leggi tutto »Arrivano!


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Marcolino Zuckerberg, 13 maggio di 8 anni fa… con parole sue che tradotte liberamente suonerebbero più o meno così: Non so perché ma’sti coglioni si… Leggi tutto »DumbFucks!

L’unico modo per salvare capra e cavolo

[youtube] Soluzione convincente, non c’è che dire. Diretto da Gil Alkabetz, s’intitola Rubicon e ha vinto il Funniest Film Award di Annecy nel 1997.

What happens here?

nevver: A day in the life, Stuff & Son (Source:

hal 9000

Vintage advertisements for HAL 9000 and the Orion III space plane Cyriaque Lamar — Remember Justin Van Genderen’s throwback travel posters for locales in comic books and the Star Wars universe? He’s… Leggi tutto »hal 9000

Bob Dylan Sleeping

ladyislingering: thebeatlesrevolver: Bob Dylan Sleeping Precious. ♥ (Source:

Mr. Keaton again

therecordlegacy: Mr. Keaton again (Source:

Third Hand

Art Director: Julien Hablainville Copywriter: Julien Sens Published: December 2007

Inspiration awaits

Over 640,000 of the world’s greatest books at your fingertips. Inspiration awaits. Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R Sydney, AustraliaExecutive Creative Director: Julian WattArt Director: Dean MortensenCopywriter: Tim ArrowsmithIllustrator: Dean MortensenAccount… Leggi tutto »Inspiration awaits


Canadian photographer Todd McLellan’s latest series “Disassembly” captures relics of our past in a unique, dismantled and exposed form. Disassembled items include a typewriter, a push lawn… Leggi tutto »Disassembly

itsworthathousandwords: One of the reasons I try not to buy overpriced things. Especially clothes and purses.

Hal9000 smoking a cigarette…

…walking with witches

Softlan Ultra: Rugby Advertising Agency: Y&R, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Creative Directors: Rahul Mathew Art Directors: Richard Chong, Scott McClelland Copywriter: Rahul Mathew Retouching: Magic Cube

Incredible StarWars cast… civilian


tobedoit: WWF: If you see an animal, you’re missing something.

good: Americans Now Spend $1.2 Trillion a Year on Stuff We Don’t Need – GOOD Art by Barbara Kruger (Source:

igrewupinthesuburbs: Cool! This might be something you’d see if Flickr moved into the advertising business. (Source:

[youtube] atomicpink: One of the best creative ads ever ! AUDI (Source:

sisterofjane: for once. (Source:

Metropolis – behind the scenes. The actress inside the Maria robot taking a breather

fatboonbo: ministério da saúde [portugal] | cadeiras (Source:

thedailywhat: This x That: Know This: 48% of Iowan Republicans don’t believe Obama is a US citizen — slightly better than national average for GOP… Leggi tutto »

stoweboyd: Map of a tweet.


Charlie Chaplin: Genesis of a Myth

Fichissime! dawnw: PIXEL OVEN MITTS (Source:

oliphillips: Creative Advertising for SMART (Source:

Ready to pump up your type vocab and sound smart next time you bump into Matthew Carter? Well then, this beauty of a poster designed… Leggi tutto »

Left brain: I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic.… Leggi tutto »

wikileaks vs facebook

colonelkernal: Dreams really do come true.

Questioning what’s real Copyright Alexa Meade 1/23/10 (Source:

Hangover is dangerous…

treat your feet!


fastlive: imod: Keith Richards (via

“Do not fear mistakes. There are none.”

Battiato nel ‘72 con il suo gruppo

deantrippe: Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things #13: The Fortress of Solitude.


AD Art Director ACD Associate Creative Director CD Creative Director ECD Executive Creative Director CCO Chief Creative Officer

autourdujazz: Bix Beiderbecke

aitan: gravitazero: hoshi: rispostesenzadomanda(via schinitah)

look at me! (via likeneelyohara) (Source:

Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger Sorry that i do not know the original photographer. if anyone does, please post.

[youtube] (Source:

Sugimoto lighting fields

robertodragone: s7efano: placidiappunti: pdl2h:yellowblog:zengame:brownrice:lucyd-dreams:(via fuckyeahpeanuts)

listening to “Oliver Hacke – Antivec”

listening to “Charlie Mingus meets Timo Maas”

Hundreds of photographs make up one 3D girl…