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fatboonbo: ministério da saúde [portugal] | cadeiras (Source:

thedailywhat: This x That: Know This: 48% of Iowan Republicans don’t believe Obama is a US citizen — slightly better than national average for GOP… Leggi tutto »

stoweboyd: Map of a tweet.


Charlie Chaplin: Genesis of a Myth

Fichissime! dawnw: PIXEL OVEN MITTS (Source:

oliphillips: Creative Advertising for SMART (Source:

Ready to pump up your type vocab and sound smart next time you bump into Matthew Carter? Well then, this beauty of a poster designed… Leggi tutto »

Left brain: I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic.… Leggi tutto »

wikileaks vs facebook

colonelkernal: Dreams really do come true.

Questioning what’s real Copyright Alexa Meade 1/23/10 (Source:

Hangover is dangerous…

treat your feet!


fastlive: imod: Keith Richards (via

“Do not fear mistakes. There are none.”

Battiato nel ‘72 con il suo gruppo

deantrippe: Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things #13: The Fortress of Solitude.


AD Art Director ACD Associate Creative Director CD Creative Director ECD Executive Creative Director CCO Chief Creative Officer

autourdujazz: Bix Beiderbecke

aitan: gravitazero: hoshi: rispostesenzadomanda(via schinitah)

look at me! (via likeneelyohara) (Source:

Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger Sorry that i do not know the original photographer. if anyone does, please post.

[youtube] (Source:

Sugimoto lighting fields

robertodragone: s7efano: placidiappunti: pdl2h:yellowblog:zengame:brownrice:lucyd-dreams:(via fuckyeahpeanuts)

listening to “Oliver Hacke – Antivec”

listening to “Charlie Mingus meets Timo Maas”

Hundreds of photographs make up one 3D girl…

ipnagogica illusione

Тетрис –  Air tetris. 25th birthday.

monicagellerb: (via giulyart) borges style… (Source:

moleskinelife: Alka

Bat Fidel

Mein liebster Feind

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Google Makes Fading Homepage A Little Less Confusing For Unaware Searchers

Google Wave Federation: Why it Matters

nevver: Keaton

Coca Cola Flashmob!

[youtube] Best lyrics ever! The Trashmen – Surfin Bird A-well-a everybody’s heard about the birdB-b-b-bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the wordA-well-a bird, bird, bird, the… Leggi tutto »

Good Followers

[youtube] sex recycling (Source:


Painkiller great ad!

Nikon Guerrilla

[youtube] (Source:

[youtube] The perfect man… mute (Source:

猿も木から落ちる。 – Even monkeys fall from trees.

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[youtube] “Doubt sometimes tends to call on reason. It may encourage people to hesitate before acting, and/or to apply more rigorous methods. Doubt may… Leggi tutto »Articolo precedente

Hierarchy of digital distractions (Source:

With a Little Helper from my friends!! (via superconspicuous)

[youtube] Fari e conigli…. oggi va così (Source:

[youtube] SQUEEZE ME! Cool video. Weak track. (Source:

Jane Birkin… incredible! It’s a draw! (Source:

[youtube] ”[…] in a single combination, the illusion of life and the distinct impression of a mechanical arrangement.” (Source:

[youtube] Do you have an idea that uses fun to change behaviour? (Source:

Il broadcasting ha la responsabilità di portare nel numero più ampio possibile di case il meglio di ciò che è stato formulato in ogni area… Leggi tutto »

sabbia libica…

La tecnica ha allungato a dismisura la gittata dell’individuo, senza però perfezionargli la mira.

l’orecchio è un barometro… occhio alla musica che ascolti! trikkia


suggestioni: titolo e url: l’albero del male e del male mega flash: navigazione verticale, ogni numero l’albero cresce un po’ di più. cazzate: albero i… Leggi tutto »vincino

Indonesia: il suono dell’alba sul monte Bromo

Parlare di musica è come ballare di architettura Frank Zappa

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prova citazione matusalemme